Finally, there's a book about slingshots: "The Practical Guide to Man-Powered Bullets" by Richard Middleton, published by It covers stonebows, blowpipes, big-bore airguns, bulletbows and 30 pages about catapults. Like every true slingshot enthusiast, the author is a child at heart, and that special breed of scientist, gunman and do-it-yourself workshop owner that automatically leads to the production of more or less sophisticated means to wing bullets through the air.
The book covers everything of interest: Theoretic formulas, the problem with the ammo weight, construction plans for wooden slingshots, pouches, band attachments and much more. It is written in a lively style, with lots of stories and humorous notes, and I really recommend it for everyone to enjoy this wonderful lecture.

The Practical Guide to Man-Powered Bullets by Richard Middleton, published by Merlin Unwin Books, ISBN 1 873674 84 8

Slingshot shooting by Jack Koehler

Mr. Koehler, famous for his books about pocket billiard, has written a brilliant book about slingshots. It contains everything to get you started - and to make you a good shooter. Aiming, shooting techniques, the different kinds of bands, making a backstop, designing a slingshot, pouch and band attachments ,preparing for tournament and much more valuable information can be found on 150 pages. If I had this book 10 years ago, I'd be a much better shot than I am...if you want to get serious about slingshot shooting, this book is a must. I recommend it as standart lecture for every slingshot enthusiast - it will answer a lot of your questions, and will most definitely help you in improving your skills.

Slingshot shooting - the poor man's shooting sport, by Jack H. Koehler, published by Sling publishing, ISBN 0-9765311-0-0 , available at Amazon and Slingshots USA