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What rubber shall I use / where can I purchase flat rubber?
I always recommend Thera-band and There-Tube for anyone who needs bulk rubber. You can find it at ebay and sporting good stores.The-green Thera-Tube has exactly the same size as most commercial tubular bands. You can also try to find a source of industrial rubber sheeting and check out the qualities by yourself, or get latex tubing (always ask if it is "dipped"! It must be dipped, not extruded)and read on here.

I have slingshot photos. Can you put them on the page?
Yes! I like to see pictures...however, there are currently a huge lot of pictures from others waiting to get on the page and I don't have time, so prepare for a long, long queing time. Better enter the Forum and post them there. I will not post pictures of unmodified commercial slingshots, these can already been seen in the "Modern slingshots" section.

What's the most powerful slingshot?
Hmm...take all the rubber in the world together and make ultra-long bands from it. The power of a slingshot is defined by the band's strength, length and performance, and by pull length, projectile and pouch weight, plus outer factors such as temperature and humidity. There is no given limit, and the bands on commercial slingshots are mostly interchangeable. A slingshot with fork extenstion is more powerful than one without. That having said, be aware that power is nothing without control, and that high power comes usually with trembling hands, declining accuracy, expensive don't drive to the supermatket with a 20-ton truck and cool your beverages with liquid nitrogen. Extreme designs usually come with extreme disadvantages. You may read on in the Power section to learn more about it..

Hello. I'd like to buy slingshot XY from you.
Hello. This page is not a webshop cataloque.

What slingshot shall I buy?
Let me look into my magic crystal....yees, it says you need the Bam-Shot Model 218 with shortened purple bands. Seriously - I can help you choosing a slingshot, but only if you give me a bit of information! Most of my opinions and personal information about the manufacturers can be read here. Now ask yourself it you need the power of an extended fork (that comes with the disadvantege of size), and no or a folding wristbrace would be convienient and you'll usually narrow your choice down to a few models. Then get the one that seems to have the highest quality while not breaking your bank. I personally like the Saunders, Trumark and Barnett Cobra / Diablo models.

Where can I buy slingshot XY?
Please type the slingshots' name in Google and you will find a gazillion of worldwide-shipping shops. If not, then it is usually out of production or was never made commercially. Always check the legal status of slingshots in your country before ordering from abroad. I live in Germany, and the only way to find out retailers in other countries is, you guess...Google, which can be used by yourself. And I don't have a "Best Deal" list, please be so kind to compare the prices by yourself.

Hey, your page is soo cool. Can you please send me flat rubber sheeting / this wonderful selfmade slingshot / make me an instructionvideo / buy me something from ebay because I don't trust ebay myself / buy and re-send a slingshot for me because it is illegal in my country / buy a huge roll of industrial rubber sheeting and sell me a little piece / Make me a list with velocity data of all commercial bands on a certain slingshot / water my plants while I'm on holiday?
No. I do to exchange bands, slingshots etc.- almost all of my slingshots are presents from others, I must admit I received far more that I gave :-)- and I sometimes make bulk buys of industrial rubber etc.- but please don't email me just to scrounge for slingshots or wheedle me into doing work you are too lazy to do. And the slingshots given to me as a present have some sentimental value for me, I won't sell or give them away! You'll hear in the forum if a a bulk buy of rubber is going on.