How to make a classic board cut slingshot

There are two common ways to make a classic wooden slingshot: You can either find a tree fork and whittle it to your desired shape, or you take a wooden board as a start. When making a board cut slingshot, you are free to shape it as you want, choose any rubber attachment method, even attach wristbraces and sights.

The following slingshot is made by Carlos Torres from Mexico. I want to give big thanks out to him, and to Marco Angulo for providing me with these pictures!

Choosing the wood

Choosing a proper wood is the most important step. It must be hardwood, like spruce will break along the grain. ash, oak,..if you. The necessary thickness depends on the wood, the power of the bands and the leverage of the forks. You're most likely to use something between 18mm and 25mm.
A beautiful wood with strong grain or nice color can produce stunning results. Carlos uses "Barcino"(Cordia elaeagnoides) for this slingshot.

Drawing the shape

Draw the silhouette onto the wood. Remember you will grind some material away, keep it slightly larger than the slingshot's desired shape. A cardboard template aids in drawing, especially if you want to make several slingshots. The grain of the wood must run parallel to the forks.

Saw it out

File it in shape

A good rasp and some sandpaper is enough to round the edges and smoothen the surface. Powertools like a Dremel will make things even easier, but don't be afraid to start with a minimum of equipment.


Getting a smooth surface the most time-consuming action in the whole building process. But it decides if the slingshot has a good, silky touch, or just puts splinters in your hand. Take your time, it is necessary! When you're done with the sandpaper, you can polish the wood with a crumbled piece of newspaper, and apply oil, wax or wood finish to make it resistant against water and light.


Carlos decided to add a beautiful fish carving..


Wow...what a beautiful slingshot! Thanks, Carlos, and Marco, and Memo!