Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from Baumstamm

Another simple forkes stick model. Note the flexible leather attachment of the bands.

Nice classic fork, the cubic rubber is attached to string. Such flexible attachments increase accuracy with cubic rubber.

The "Smurf slingshot" - carved from multiplex plywood, painted blue. The 4mm cubic rubber is quite weak, but the double bands have enoug power to use it with .45 lead balls.

Very nice collection of Multiplex-carved slingshots. The blue bands are bouble Theraband flatbands. The brass slingshot to the lower right is a Milbro copy cast by Cannonball.

Close-up of of a Multiplex-carved slingshot with Linatex bands. Note the extra Multiplex part glued on to give a round handle.

Very beautiful Osage slingshot

A collection of delicate Multiplex board-cut slingshots, equipped with Linatex bands

Second collection....this time, only Multiplex slingshots...

Not the contoured grip and the angle between handle and fork. This is a lot of work do do...

Another one, made from Multiplex.

A stunning piece of art! This slingshot features a carefully carved handle with deep finger grooves. The fork has slots for "matchsick style" attachment, but is rigged with flatbands using the "over the top" method.

Thanks, Baumstamm!