Slingshots from Dan

Dan has an awesome collection of slingshots! Look at the following pictures and take a little tour through slingshot history....

Wristbraced models. From left to right, upper to lowest: The three modern ComBow models, unknown wooden slingshot, Weifanz Zaoshi Diablo clone, the famous Pocket-Rocket with its marbilized handle, the G-String, Marksman 3060, Unknown model with extended fork (appears to have Marksman handle and brace), Barnett Cobra - first generation, with the yellow handle for US export, Marksman 3071, Saunders folding falcon (1st generation), Saunders Falcon 2, a boilie catapult and two original Trumark / Saunders WristRockets

An assortment of classic slingshots. Some of them are really old - you can find advertisements for some in the "ads" section. The original packages below them are even harder to find than the slingshots themselves! You can find the Sling-O-Matic, Blackhawk, 2 Victors, a Marskman "Fireball" and lots of others..

More classic slingshot, among them Tinker Killdeer and Deerslayer, two German "Hy-Power" models, a Milbro and a Milligan special

Thanks, Dan, for these pictures!