Slingshot photo Gallery

Slingshots from Diet

Diet is a slingshot enthusiast who owns lots different commercially-made models, some of them heavily modified, and some quite rare models, like the Megaline Dragon. The modified slingshots give a good idea how a wristbrace attachment can be made. Some of the following slingshots are European "no-name" models. It is not easy to identify the brand, but I suspect Megline from Italy and maybe Maan Chang Industries or Weifanz Zaoshi.

Daisy F16 with original handle and Trumark RR-t bands.

Daisy F16s with selfmade handle, one with a steel wristbrace. Note the small hole in the pouch for better centering.

Another F16. Trimmed-down Daisy bands and a very nice wristbrace.

Simple wooden slingshot

Italian Model, sold from "Advance Group". It looks a bit like the Megaline Dragon (especially the band assembly looks Megaline-style), but I have never seen this model before. The slingshot is, according to Diet, of poor quality.

The "Alpha 2, Mod.161/02". It looks very similar to the Megaline Golia Dopla. The four bands attached in a square a a total misconception, it is not possible to shoot accurately with such a slingshot!

Cheap slingshot. You can find these every day on ebay. Note the thin gauge of the fork material and the poor band attachment.

Megaline Dragon1 with selfmade wristbrace. According to Diet, This unusual design works well.

Ok, done with the cheapos :-) This is the great Barnett Strikenine, upgraded to Black Widow-status.

Original Barnett Black Widow, second generation.

The Barnett Cobra (1st generation), with a very nice wristbrace attached

Cobra, third generation. A very nice slingshot, comfortable to hold and fun to shoot!

And the best: A Barnett Pro Diable, third generation. Accurate, comfortable and good looking.

This is the P51 laser slingshot. Diet says it is so accurate it gets boring to shoot..the double-swiveling frame is a great innovation.

This is a very nice wooden selfmade slingshot. It uses dual flat latex bands, attached with the two slots method, and has a wristbrace. Isn't is beautiful? I like this unique combination of classic "forked stick" design and wristbrace! Diet is, for sure, a skillful woodworker.

The Ergonimic custom slingshot: A real masterpiece, with slight fork extension and a long wristbrace for better leverage. Note the precisely carved wooden parts, and the exactly bent metal. Look here how it is made.

Thanks, Diet, for all these pictures!