Slingshot photo Gallery

Slingshots made by Jorge Barril

Jorge Barril is a famous shooter in Spain. He is member of the slingshot association
and is one of the best shooters I know.Check out this link to see some highly impressive shooting!

Jorge sent me this slingshot. It is made with a great amount of skill and knowledge.
In Spain, slingshots have a lang tradition, and they have beautifully handcrafted ones - follow the upper link to see more. Many thanks, Jorge!

Some slingshots are straightforward, machine-made out of polymers and metal.
Some are self-made, with the goal to make them not only good-shooting, but also good-looking.
And some are great works of art, a pleasure to see, hold and shoot. This slingshot is a beautiful
example for such a masterpiece. The handle is made of horn, with pieces of hardwood attached
on the bottom and on the top of the handle. The fork is made of wood, with pieces of horn on the ends.
All the parts fit perfectly together and are polished so it is a pleasure to touch!
And, as you can see, it has my name engraved. These pictures can't do justice to this wonderful design
Many, many thanks, Jorge!

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