Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from King_Arthur

A nice display of King_Arthur's slingshots: You can see two Trumark S9Fo, a Barnett Cobra (newest model, German version without brace), three nice wooden slingshot with tubular bands and two unique metal slingshots. With one of those, you don't need a stabilizer :-)

One of the homemade slingshot, with some big steel balls. I mean, really big steel balls. The powerful 1/2" ammo looks like a dwarf in comparison! Note the attachment of the tubular rubber, it helps to keep the big bands straight.

The "Mega-Psycho" slingshot. This nice model uses flat Thera-Band latex, attached with the clamp-on method that allows you to change bands in short time. Note the leather cushioning pads on the fork.

Very nice forked-stick slingshot with carved-in finger grooves

A plexiglass copy of the famous Milbro, but made to use flatbands shoot-over style

A nice wooden version of the prvious slinghsot. Note the little inlay in the hole.

This wire-bent model has two bands. The shooter can choose between the flat bands for accuracy, or the tubes for longer band life and a bit more power. Thanks, King Arthur!