Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from Marco Angulo

Marco lives in Mexico, a place where slingshots are still popular amongst children and adults. Different kinds of wood are used to make the traditional fork designs, the bands are made of latex.

The fork is made of acacia, with strong tubular bands.

This intersting design is made of bamboo. I've never shot with such a slingshot, but guess its prongs are thought to be supported by the fingers.

This beautiful model is made of hizache, a kind of acacia.

Somewhat different, this slingshot is bade of bent steel, coated with rubber tubing for better grip.

Note the solid latex bands - probably a very powerful slingshot. The frame is made of mezquite hardwood.

This slingshot comes from Chiapas, the most southern part of Mexico. The strong square bands are attached with long leather bands for better flexibility. The pouch is the biggest one I've ever seen - seems it cannot pass through the tiny fork, but thats ok, the projectile leaves the pouch much earlier. Note the leather attachments, they simply run through a hole and have a knot on the front. A very unusual and rare slingshot, at least for me as an European - thanks, Marco!