Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from Mesquitefork

These beautiful and unusual classic slingshots are great examples for the high aestethic value a slingshot can have.

Top Row (left to right): Mesquite fork with "burned-in" design using the leather strip shootover method with bicycle grip; old mesquite fork with bicycle grip and Bill's flat bands; White Oak carved slingshot; Composite slingshot using a screw to attach the fork (oak with bark left on, antler tipped) to the handle (leather spacers, antler tipped).

Bottom Row (left to right): Composite Spanish-style slingshot with mesquite hardwood tips, hickory fork, leather spacers, stag handle, with antler tips on fork for grip; Carved black walnut slingshot; and another fine mesquite slingshot with hardwood tips.

And these are the devices MesquiteFork does use to carry his ammo:
Top left: Leather stitched shoulder bag; Top right: Squirrel skin shoulder bag; Bottom/Left: Indian beaded squirrel skin belt pouch; Bottom/Middle: Leather stitched belt pouch with antler carved button; Bottom Right: Tube reservoir style with pullstring made out of a corn cob and oak carved head, with rawhide connectors and rattle snake snake decor.

Thanks for the pictures, MesquiteFork!