Slingshot photo Gallery

Slingshots from Peakshooter

Peakshooter's antler slingshots are outstanding examples of how beautiful a well-crafted slingshot can be if the right material is chosen. Antler is not easy to work with, but the result is worth the effort.


The handle cap is made of yew, the fork caps are buffalo horn. Note the way the bands are attached: Eye bolts are simply screwed into the slingshot, and the bands run through and have a bb inserted on the other end. This makes the bands easy to exchange and doesn't interfere with the antler's aesthetics.


This model has a cork plug on the bottom and a hollowed out handle that can hold ammo. Very nice idea!


What a slingshot! The antler was destined to become a slingshot. The caps on the handle are polished buffalo horn. Both forks have been drilled out, and a wooden dowel was inserted and glued into place with epoxy. The end caps are also epoxied into place, and the metal eye bolts run down into the wooden dowel. This way, a very secure attachment is made for the bands. The rough surface of the antler makes this slingshot a pleasure to hold and shoot. Many thanks, Peakshooter!

Note the tight tolerances between cap and antler. This slingshot was made with lots of skill.

Thanks, Peakshooter!