Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from Tofig Kareemov

The following metal slingshot have a pull weight of 30 pound and shoot up to 200 yards. The black bands are taken from an exercising set. Note the unique pouch attachment: The bannds are fastened together with duct tape using the "kink and tie" method. Then, a piece of tubular rubber is slipped over. While most selfmade slingshots are made of wood, Tofig proves that it is possible to make nice metal slingshots, too!

The Eagle Beak.

The Robot Arm. Note how the bands are attached to strong leather pieces - this way, the Robot arm has some kind of rotating prong, improving accuracy, and increasing lifespan of the bands. I also like the little peep sight on the left fork end!

The Robot Arm again, this time without wristbrace, but with a bicycle handle for better grip.