Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from tokfan

Tokfan from Sweden sent me pictures of these innovative and powerful slingshots:

A folding wristrocket with stron tubular bands and tape-wraped handle

Check out this: A long camo-net wrapped extended slingshot with dual bands that can be taken down. It is made of a drilled stainless steel barrel, the screws is made with a lathe. I guess it has a lot of power!

This slingshot has one of the most unusual appearances of all the slingshots I ever saw! However, it is not made by knitting, but with TIG welding. The extended fork has swivels to rotate the fork - and the attached reddot sight- along the Axis. The brace can be folded dow. The fluffy textile is used to obscure the look of the slingshots, so people don't get scared by its look. I know exactly how people can react when they see a "evil" looking black plastic/metal slingshot, and how many people laugh when they see a friendlier-looking wooden model, and ask why one still plays with toys. Tokfans correct solution: Wrap the powerful slingshot with fluffy material and you get less problems.

A selfmade speargun! Note the simple sear mechanism.

And this, ladies and Gentlemen, is a rubber-powered crossbow! It is, according to Tokfan, very powerful (though it has to be jugded against other crossbows, not slingshots, as it is, by definition, a crossbow). The rubber bands fly towards the shooter, and the bowstring (which is briken in the pictures above) runs around the wheels on the front. In case you want to build such a model, please be very careful, bands flying towards you can easily hit yourself it the crossbow is poorly designed. You must know what you're doing when you assemble such a device. Many thanks for the pictures, Tokfan!