Slingshot photo Gallery

Pictures from TomX

TomX from Germany is a slingshot enthusiast who has the strange ability to turn into a mass-producing one-man slingshot factory...all these slingshots were made within two weeks! Most slingshots ose strips of flat metal, maing them very sturdy and heavy to counter trembling motions.

The "6 minutes slingshot" is a typical example of a simple and cost-effective design that can be made by anyone in short time. Bend an aluminium or iron bar to the desired shape, push a piece of plastic tubing on the handle, smooth the fork ends and attach your bands. Simple as that.

The Black Mamba is a high-powered slingshot with large fork extension, made of welded steel profiles.

The "Wilde Hilde" has a heavy, wide fork, made of strong flat metal. The handle is robbed from some cheap asian slingshot. Not the little peep sight on top of the fork.

The "Wilde Hilde 2" was made with the p51 laser slingshot in mind. The fork can rotate around two axis, making it impossible to pull the bands uneven! A great design, accurate and innovative. The Wilde Hilde 2 is equipped with an iron sight, probably taken from a pellet rifle.

The Little Eagle is a smaller slingshot. It has rotating prongs for better accuracy and longer band life.

TomX made three "Black Scorpion" models. All have an extended pull length and heavy handles for tournament shooting.

The Black Scorpion 2 with extended pull length. Note the reinforced pouch.

The Black Scorpion 3 is a nice tournament slingshot. It features an extended fork, heavy handle with soft foam grip and a stabilizer. TomX is very accurate with this design.

The Predator has a very long extended fork and a sight with adjustable "rings" for different distances

The "psycho" is Tom's first slingshot that takes advantage of flat bands. They are simply attached by fixing them between the fork and the flat stripes of metal by closing the two screws. The sight is adjustable for various distances.

The "Blackeye" is a very unusual slingshot. The fork is made of PVC pipe, the flat latex bands are attached inside via the "clamp on" method. The red sighting studs must be retracted for shooting, which somehow limits their use :-) Anyway, a very intersting slingshot.

The "Mini Hilde 1" is a classic pocket slingshot. Its very sturdy metal construction allows lots of use and abuse, and the slim frame and small fork makes it possible to slip it into the pocket.

The "Mini Hilde 2" is another pocket slingshot, with a very beautiful wooden grip that was taken from an axe handle.

The "Woodland Fighter" has two ammo containers under its wooden handle, which was once part of an axe handle.

The "Shadow Fighter tournament" Is a true tournament slingshot. Note the intelligent way the fork is attached, and the three big stabilizers.

The "Wilde Hilde Final Ultimate Editon" (Tomx has, well, a sense for interesting slingshot names): A real masterpiece. The fork swivels both horizontally and vertically. A peep sight helps aiming and the three big stabilizers counter trembling. Another axe handle had to die for the slingshot. Note the similarities to the Precision shot P51.

The "Streetfighter" series. The comfortable grups are, again, taken from an axe handle. THe slingshot on the left is a Trumark S9Fo with modified handle.

An assortment of very nice slingshots, similar to the "Streetfighter" series. The handles are made of an axe grip, the fork is welded flat steel and sits tight in place. Very nice work, and great to hold. The one on the second picture was sent to me :-) Many thanks, TomX! You can see the Trumark S9Fo with modified handle on the last photo.

The "Predator mini" has a fork extension to add power, and stabilizers and a sight.

This is a very unusual slingshot. It employs the "Com Bow" roller design, but in a unique and very simple way. The bands are attached to small studs which are welded on the fork extension. The wheels are quite big. This slingshot is very powerful, as the pulley system significantly enhances the pull length. Great slingshot, TomX!

Both "Predators". Note the sights with red movable aiming marks.

By the Way, TomX is the best German shooter I know, and I hope his designs will further help in making the sport more popular in our country. Thanks, TomX!