Slingshots from Torsten

Torsten is a great shooter, and a skilled craftsman as well. His slingshot videos are worth to be seen. Please note that all slingshots are rigged for the "albatros" shooting style with fully extended arms - hence the long bands that, in case you might ask, are made from Theraband black.

A display of slingshots that were carved from natural forks. Note their small size and how the lower parts of the handles are slighly recessed and curved. This is a lot of carving work, but fits the hands very well. Have a look how smooth the fork ends are polished.

Two very nice wooden slingshbots, cut from a wooden bord. Note that the position of the handle,s jus like on the natral forks abovve, is slightly behind the fork. This gives the slinghots a very comfortable grip.

And now something really special! Worlds first slingshot that does not hurl stones, but is made of stone - soapstone, to be precise. Hours of work must have went into this slingshot.

Thanks, Torsten!