Slingshot photo Gallery

Slingshots from Vlastimil Zuska

The beautiful and very complex designs by Vlastimil Zuska are outstanding examples how different techniques can be applied to a slingshot to improve power, accuracy and comfort. Rotating prongs, stabilizers, pulley systems, sights, even moving prongs and a mercury filled stabilizer are employed in these slingshots! But its not only the knowledge about slingshot physics and shooting characteristics, but also the accuracte and detailed constrution that impresses - just count the parts a single slingshot is made of. Clearly, Mr. Zuska is one of world's "greatmasters" of slingshot...

Spring Devil

The Spring Devil features an extended fork that is able to move forward during the shot, in order to eliminate recoil. The fork gets a slight extension this way and the guide rod has a counterweight to act as a stabilizer. A very nice example of wooden rotating prongs can be seen, along with a sight.


A very unusual design - the fork can slide back together with the bands, and a coil spring inside the front tube propels it back into place. Note the large overall size of this slingshot. The guide rail acts as a stabilizer.


The Double 3 has a folding wristbrace and a small stabilizer. The dual tubular bands are connected "Golia Dopla" style, on four different points.

Pulley Tube

In my opinion, this model is one of the most beautiful slingshots I've seen so far. Take a look at the handle, and how the wristbrace is attached! The Com-Bow-style pulley system adds draw lenght - and therefore power - without allowing it to become too cumbersome.

Tournament 2

This is the model Mr. Zuska uses in tournaments. It uses dual bands (the old ones from Saunders), attached to rotating forks wich re-set after the shot by means of two little rubber tubes. The slingshot has a sight and an long adjustable wristbrace. Additionally, there's a dynamic compensator like it is found in some tournament bows - it uses mercury to eliminate trembling and recoil.

Double swivel

A tournament slingshot: This design has two fulcrums in the vertical plane to align bands and sights, and a single one in the horizontal plane. Note how the pointer of the sight can slide to prevent stress during the recoil phase.


The Sling-O-shot's round fork with its many small rubber bands distributes the power evenly around the pouch, and avoid the possible friction that may occur when several bands are used on each side. It also allows a good view on the target. The swivelling round fork compensates for pull at different angles and, as a positive side-effect, gives this slingshot a beautiful look. It is very comfortable to hold and shoot. Thanks, vlastimil!


This slingshot leaves the common Y-frame, and puts the bands in a plane that is parallel to the shooter's fist. The slingshot is held like a Indian Katar. The rotating double sights were designed after the WWII machine gun sights. A rubber strip assists the rotary motion of the forks, and cushioned rubber studs prevent over-rotation.


The Roto-swingshot is a mix of Rotoladder and the Double swivel. It is Vlastimil's current tournament slinghsot. The band attachment points sit further behind the fulcrum to ensure they swivel easier. Note the recurring theme of the hoof-shape...very nice


A simple (compared to Vlastimil's other designs) slingshot with metal fork and a very beautiful wooden handle. It is walnut wood, oiled with safflorol oil.

Thanks, Vlastimil, for these great pictures!