Bunnybuster custom slingshots

Good new for all shooters who want a beautiful, custom made slinghsot, with gum rubber like the shooters from the glorious 60's and 70's: Bunnybuster makes you a slingshot, for reasonable prices and with great bands flat gum rubber bands that last long and hit hard! You must check out www.bunnybuster.com and have a look at all of his wonderful creations.
Concerning the technical, these are board-cut wooden classic slingshots. Moste are patterned after the "American Classic" style - broad fork, a lot of wood in the middle portion- while others are more of the "European style", of slim shape with slightly curved handle. Bands are attached with the "shoot over" and "Double slot" method. The flat bands with these attachment configurations are, in my opinion, hard to beat, and also line ub along the slingshot's handle easily, providing you with a perfect pocket slingshot. It's great to see such models in production again.