Slingshots from South Africa

In Africa, slingshots are very popular for hunting small game and birds. Most slingshots are selfmade or manufactured by small enterprises which cannot be found in the internet. I found, however, a small shop, run by Leon and Cecilia de Lange. They sell five types of slingshots:. Compared with European / American prices, they sell their slingshots at rock-bottom prices is the link to their homepage: Trompie Slingshots

Model 1

Model 2, with standart wristbrace

Model 3, deluxe slingshot with armrest and magazine inside its handle

Model 4, a folding slingshot

Model 5, a slingshot with a magazine inside its handle. Note the simple, yet efficient mechanism that enables reloading without putting the slingshot out of the hand. In think that this is the best magazine I have seen on a slingshot: High capacity, no bulky stuff at the wristbrace and reloading without having to put the fingers off the handle!