Crosman/Copperhead slingshots

The basic frame Design of the Silent Swarm, Powerstorm and Desert Scout has gone a long way - its the venerable Wham-O Powermaster, made somewhere in the 60's. Wham-O was bought by Benjamin Sheridan (as far as I know), and Benjamin was bought up by Crosman, which lets them produce by Bigwell Co. in Taiwan.

Silent Swarm

Simple, classic slingshot with molded grip and genuine leather pouch.

Desert Scout

Similar to the Silent Swarm, the Desert Scout does have a foldable wristbrace that greatly improves accuracy and makes shooting more comfortable.


The Powerstorm is the "deluxe model" of the Crosman series. It has a comfortable foam grip and an ammo dispenser that allows quick reloading, even in the dark and cold. This slingshot does also have a nice feature: The bands can be replaced in a few seconds, without having to wait until the moistened rubber is dry again. The bands are tapered.


The Vortex has a pistol grip and the pull length can be adjusted as well as the legth of the wrist support. The extended pull lenght makes it one of the fastest shooting slingshots.