All Daisy slingshots are mady by Bigwell Co. in Taiwan, and often can be seen as "no-name" brand slingshots on ebay and various other places. I don't know exactly if these are exactly the same models as the Daisys, or rather copies by yet another enterprise.


A simple slingshot with molded handle.


The B52 has a foldable wristbrace for better accuracy and more power


the P51 has a flexible wrist support, a sleek pistol grip handle and an extended pull length for more power.

Natural - Recalled!

AttentionThe Daisy "Natural" slingshots are currently recalled. The little BB that holds the rubber can slip out of the metal loop,snaps back to the shooter and is able to take out an eye or do serious damage to the face. If you have one of these slingshots, return it.