a simple, compact slingshot it has a molded grip with finger grooves.


The 3030 is identical to the 3027 but is equipped with tapered power bands.


The 3006 has a fixed, wide wrist support which is suitable for larger hands. The fixed wristbrace makes the slingshot bulkier, but it is very stable and rugged.


Very popular in the USA, this slingshot has a foldable wristbrace, a tempered steel yoke and a molded handle.


The 3055 has the frame of the 3040 but is equipped with tapered power bands. It can store ammo in its wristbrace.


The 3061 has a pistol grip and fully a fully adjustable wrist support. The yoke can be adjusted for increased draw lenght, too. It has the tapered power bands.


The 3060 has the same frame like the 3061, but can store ammo in its wristbrace and is equipped with stronger bands.


A very innovative design! The 3071 Laserhawk stealth has a pulley system and the length of the bands can be adjusted. It has a padded wristbrace and the bands can be exchanged quickly. It is quite big and has an extended pull length for more power.