Megaline Industries

Megaline Industries sells Crossbows and slingshots all over the world. The brand is not very known, but the slingshots can be found in almost every european country.


A simple slingshot. Molded handle


Same frame as the David, "Target" has a foldable wristbrace.


I'm not sure why the designers decided to use such a pecuilar fork. In my opinion, the high fork will result in huge leverage, thus putting much strain on the shooter and decreasing accuracy. On the other hand, I know several shooters to praise this design and say they are very accurate. Some people like it because it brings the bands parallel to the arm when the slingshot is held sideways and the cheek is the anchoir point.


Like Dragon1, but without wristbrace. which is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary for such a high fork.


The Mirage is quite a big slingshot with a nice pistol-grip handle and threads to accomodate stabilizers. It is quite a step upwards from the previous models.


Mirage, without wristbrace.


The Alpha looks identical to the Mirage, but accepts no stabilizers and has a slightly different wristbrace and fork shape.


A different Alpha version, again with different brace and a longer fork. Why a company produces three types of slingshots that fit exactly into the same niche and only differ marginally is beyond my understanding.


The Alpha2 uses dual bands with four spaced attachment points. I'm sorry to say that this slingshot is, for several reasons, quite ill-designed, chrony tests proved it has double the pull, yet less power than most other slingshots! Better buy something else.

Model 153

A very simple plastic slingshot, the pouch is molded into the rubber.