Oddwing slingshots

These slingshots are unique, handcrafted hardwood slingshots. They are made of Ash Hardwood, a very strong wood with a good grip. The rubber is held in place by two grooves on each arm and a stainless steel binding screw, making it easy to replace the rubber. They can be seen and purchased here. Oddwing does also distribute the "self-centering projectile launching system", bands with a special pouch which is equipped with a pull strap for comfortable shooting and a cushion pocket that keeps the ammo always in the middle of the pouch. I like seeing wooden slingshots on the market. Many people fool themselves by thinking that wooden slingshots are toy while the plastic/metal ones are the real thing...this is wrong. A wooden slingshot can be just as good, or even better, than a factory-made slingshot, and this innovative slingshot producer can definitely compete with the "big ones".

Medium duty model

Equipped with a rubber with an outer diameter of 6.4mm and an inner diameter of 3.2mm, rubber length: 195mm. This slingshot makes me think of the famous Wham-O, and I welcome it that this design is on the market again.

Medium duty model with scpls

Just like the standart model, but this slingshot is equipped with the scpls system, resulting in higher accuracy and better performance.

Heavy duty model

Equipped with a rubber with an outer diameter of 8mm and an inner diameter of 4.8mm, rubber length: 198mm arm brace, made of 8mm solid 1018 SAE carbon steel, Ash Hardwood arm cradle with foam rubber arm cushion. This is a powerful slingshot that can be used for hunting.

Heavy duty model with scpls

Similar to the Heavy duty model, but equipped with the scpls bands. A very nice slingshot, in my opinion!

Foam ball slingshot

This nifty device is made for 1 5/8 " Perf balls. The extra-wide prongs makes it easy to shoot, and the ammunition is harmless enough to let the children shoot with.

The Arrow Slinger

Ok, time to get serious: This slingshot is designed to shoot arrows. At full arrow draw, it produces 40 lbs, so this slingshot can really compete with bows, while being more compact and cheaper.

The Slingfisher

A very innovative design: This slingshot is equipped with a reel that can be connected to a fishing arrow.