Trumark slingshots

Trumark is one of the oldest slingshot manufacturers, and still produces top-of-the-line models. Trumark slingshots are made of aluminium and ABSwhich is molded to the forks without rivets or screws. The rotating prongs with the fiber-optic sight is the best attachment for tubular slingshots I know, and greatly extends bands life and accuracy. I consider Trumark replacement bands the best tubular bands on the market - all packed straight against curl-up and kinks, made of mangrel dipped latex tubing, with a uniform, soft leather pouch.
All slingshots (except Ws-1) can store ammo inside their handle. Another great bonus is the way Trumark attached the wristbrace - most manufacturers let the wristbrace run up some distance along the handle, which makes it impossible to grip the handle with all fingers. A Trumark can be held with the whole fist, and folds down to a smaller size than most other slingshots.


The S9 slingshot’s two-piece plastic handle slides up and down the U-shaped aluminum frame. When pushed up, the chamber releases SA30 ammo from a hole in the bottom. When pushed down the hole becomes "self-sealing" and traps ammo in the handle. The slingshot is quite slim, which makes it easy to put into a pocket. The ammo storage, very light weight and compact size make it a good choiche for hikers.


Same as the S9, this slinghsot features the great RR-2 tapered bands for more power with less pull force.


The S9Fo has a wide fork and the rotating fiber-optic sights. A very nice target slingshot, especially for countries with wristbrace ban.


This futuristic looking slingshot is the newest invention of Trumark. It has some great features - first, it is the only slingshot known to me that can hold a flashlight for night hunting. Rats cannot see red light, the BAT with a red-filtered maglite is great for rat hunters! Second, it has a stabilizer that is very close to the plane of the bands. It can be removed quickly and slides in and out for personal fine tuning. And of course, the BAT hasTrumark's rotating prongs with sights to increase the life of the bands and reduce recoil. The handle holds some ammo, and the RR-T tapered bands are standart on this slingshot. The easy to pull bands, stabilizer and rotating prongs make the BAT a top choice for everyone who wants pin-point precision with a non-wristbraced slingshot.


The classic! This is the famous wristrocket, invented about 50 years ago. It does still have its fans, and this is not without reason! The Ws-1 is rugged, light and comfortable.


The Fs-1 is can fold down to a small size. It is a very popular slingshot - for reason, it is a well thought-out design that proved reliable over many years. The wristbrace is equipped with a foam pad against recoil. A stabilizer can be attached.


Same as the FS-1, this slingshot does have the rotating prongs + the fiber-optic sights for better accuracy and longer band life.


This top-of-the-line slingshot has big stabilizers, the rotating prongs and fiber-optic sights. A real tournament or big hunting slingshot, and one of the best models you can buy. The stabilizer, of course, makes is too bulky to slip in a pocket.