Yonkang Feiyun

Yonkang Feiyun is an unknown, yet very big slingshot manufacturer from China. Ebay is flooded with its models, and they are also sold by many outdoor stores as "cheap alternatives" to better known slingshot brands. Let's have a look at the models:


This slingshot is currently very popular on ebay. It is a classic folding wristbraced slingshot. No outstanding features, but a close look lets me shudder: The metal fork has n extremely low diameter! Every good slingshot is made of steel rods that are at least 6mm strong, this fork has about 4mm! Buy at your own risk. Not to mention the pecuilar handle (what's the "tumb groove" in the back? Who puts his thumb there while shooting?) and the twisted bands.


A copy of the famous Marksman 3060. Again, with metal parts that are too flimsy to be trusted, and a wristbrace that sits far too high to be used properly. Had the designer ever shot a slingshot before he went to the drawboard?


A shameless 1:1 copy of the Crosman Silent Swarm. This one has better metal parts than the other Yonkang slingshots, and uses a different rubber.


A simple classic slingshot with a round handle. A round handle makes it very difficult to have a consistent hold. The extra-fat attachment studs kill your bands quickly. The steel fork looks a bit better, but is still too weak to trust.


A smaller version of the previous slingshot.

And now, stand up and repeat three times:
I will not buy slingshots with huge attachment studs
because they kill the bands.
I will not buy slingshots with 4mm metal parts
because they break and make me blind.
I will not buy shameless 1:1-copies
because they kill innovation.

Slingshots from Zheijang Yonkang

Zheijang Yonkang also sells slingshots. Different models, but with the same advertising text. This, and the "Yonkang" in the name, suggest these two companies belong together.

These models, almost identical copies of the Megaline David and Target, are also extremely popular on ebay. They are slightly better than the Yonkang Feiyun slingshots, at least they have stronger metal parts and are a rip-off of a slingshot design that was invented by someone who knew how a slingshot is held in the hand. But that's the best one can say about them. The wristbrace is so thin it rips apart quickly, the bands are horrible, the handles have grates...and the metal parts are still under 6mm in diameter. Stay away from them.

I hope very much you don't think I just want to make advertisement for the better known brands or try to damage someone's business. These slingshots are a real danger for every shooter, and give slingshots a bad name. Stay away from them. Imagine: You pull the slingshot and a fork breaks. The broken fork part will hit you right in the face, and can take out an eye. And they have extruded latex bands that break after a few shots. So if you buy them, add the costs for a decent replacement band to the cost. You could have purchased a good slingshot for the same amount of money!